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Reunion 2021

August 7 - September 19, 2021

Tall Grass Gallery

367 Artists Walk
Park Forest, IL 60466

(708) 748-3377

Tuesday - Saturday

11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Our REUNION 2021 exhibit brings together seventy-one of our Tall Grass Gallery Artists in a large, diverse, and exciting presentation of their works.

 The show has something for everyone, from super-realistic portraits and landscapes to conceptual constructions and abstracted interpretations of personal stories; from lovely jewelry pieces to whimsical soft sculpture and a huge stained glass window.

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Color and Diversity

Collected works of Suzanne Dreher

August 14 - September 26, 2021

Crete Creative Gallery and School
1304 Main Street
Crete, IL 60417

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 10 a.m. - 2 pm or by appointment.

Best known for documenting the history of Crete, Illinois with large murals displayed around town, Suzanne is a self-taught artist who describes her style as being somewhere between realism and impressionism. She works in a variety of mediums such as acrylics, oil, and watercolors to bring her vibrant and beautiful work to life.

Telephone: (708) 414-0714


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Beyond a Visual Description

Janice Meister

September 30 - November 20, 2021

Crete Creative Gallery and School
1304 Main Street
Crete, IL 60417

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 10 a.m. - 2 pm or by appointment.

A love of nature and organic forms has long been the center of Jan's artwork. This focus takes her beyond a visual description and allows her to explore elements related to defining the subject. A passion for drawing, collage, printmaking and mixed media construction lies in the endless variety of techniques and alternative approaches. Abstract landscapes and iconographic images become elaborate mixed media mono-print constructions. Textures, layers of color, and obscured lines together with text are achieved with natural materials and recycled elements with handmade papers and segments of bound books to add dimension to the works. Jan's combined media works have been exhibited in national and international exhibitions and are in several private and corporate collections.

Telephone: (708) 414-0714



Seeking Abstraction

October 2 - November 6, 2021

Tall Grass Gallery

367 Artists Walk
Park Forest, IL 60466

(708) 748-3377

Tuesday - Saturday

11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Tall Grass Gallery will present NOT REALLY, a huge new show that opens on Saturday, October 2, 2021, with a reception from 1–3pm. Everyone is invited to view the exhibit and visit with the artists that afternoon. Refreshments will be served, and masks are required during this event.

This exhibit focuses on artists’ works that move beyond or alter literal portrayals, illustrations, or documentations of observed reality using various means of abstracting images. Included will be more than ninety pieces by 53 artists who have explored the idea of abstraction through a range of definitions, directions, and interpretations. Their works have been created as photographs, collage and mixed media, monoprints and linocuts, art quilts, acrylic and oil paintings, watercolors, encaustics, and sculptures.

Abstract works often exist solely as investigations of design elements and principles: arrangements in 

two- or three-dimensional space of lines, shapes, forms, values, colors, patterns, texture. 

Balance, movement, contrast, dominant and subordinate elements, relationships and tensions, suggestions of space or forms, all may also play significant roles in abstract compositions.

And some abstract works focus primarily on media, the use of tools and materials, the process of working, and as much on the intuitive response to how the process evolves as on predetermined images or statements. 

Sometimes abstract compositions are extractions from, simplifications of, enlargements of, transformations of, or expressive interpretations of existing objects or subjects. Sometimes they reduce a subject to its most basic essence. And sometimes they are simply means of drawing attention to objects that are arranged in a beautifully designed way – focusing on those essential abstract qualities of an image.

Sometimes they are pure geometric or organic inventions. They may be built upon repetitions of observed or imagined motifs, free-flowing mark-making across a surface, or rhythmic elements or symbols set in orderly rows or grids or compartments.

And sometimes abstractions are symbolic representations of intangible emotions, thoughts, concepts - visual metaphors making visible what often is invisible, through a language of personal, non-literal marks.

Artists included in NOT REALLY are: Jay Anderson, Marcia Babler, Eileen Backman, Joseph Barabe,   Robert Bator, Darcy Berg, James Bowden, Maggie Capettini, Mary Carnahan, Christina Cooley, Maureen Cribbs, Karen DeWitt, Rita Dianni-Kaleel, Bill Dixon, Barbara Eberhard, Susan Flanagan, Andrea Fox, Jeanne Garrett, Janet Glazar, Carol Grant, Peter Gray, Margi Hafer, Madeline Henry, Fran Hollander, Jori Jackson, Malika Jackson, David Jagodzinski, Kevin Koethe, Jill Kramer, Alexis Krapf, Laura Lein-Svencner, John Martin, Joe McIlhany, Margaret McKerral, Janice Meister, Bob Nardi, Julia Oehmke, Kathryn Parenti, Kate Patterson, Gloria Payne, Joseph Perryman, Ginny Raftery, Don Sala, Bill Schahfer, Stephen Schiff, Richard Schmidt, John Spomar, Patricia Stewart, Patrick Thompson, Carol Thorner, Marvin Wells, Ed Whitmore, and Reg Ziemann.

The artists in the show come from Illinois and eleven other states, from California to New York, Colorado to Florida, and many are exhibiting in our gallery for the first time. They will share a collection of personal responses to how abstract images can look, how they can be made, and how a language of shapes and forms, color and texture, can convey rich meanings and beautiful, personal visions – designed, transformed, and imagined.

Curators for NOT REALLY are Claudia Craemer and Debbie Craemer, who are joined by Paula Mattson in judging for awards. The exhibit will run through November 6, 2021.

All are welcome to view the show and meet the artists at the Opening Reception on Saturday,

October 2, 1-3pm.

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Vogt Gallery Schedule


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FAA Projects

Enhancing Our Community

Frankfort Cub Scouts

Gallery Tours

Cub Scouts Complete "Stories in Shapes" Elective

Cub Scouts were hosted at the FAA Gallery for a tour and hands-on art project.

Christkindl Craft.jfif

Christkindl Craft 

Creative Children's Activity

FAA Gallery hosted a children's craft table during the Christkindl Celebration hosted by the Frankfort Historic Business Alliance and the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce.

Adv ELA presentation.jpg

Classroom Artist Presentation

Students Learn About Famous Artists

FAA President, Lisa Podlesak, gave a presentation with hands-on art activities to an Advanced ELA class at Chelsea Intermediate School. The students were working on a famous artist biography unit, and Lisa was happy to contribute to their learning.


Walking Art Exhibit

Frankfort Fall Festival Parade

FAA participated in the parade to promote our mission and upcoming events. Famous works for art were portrayed.

library plaque_edited.jpg

Art on Display

FAA was happy to donate funds to support the Frankfort Public Library District's art wall. Local artists work with the library to exhibit fine art for the public to enjoy.

For information about exhibiting art at the library, contact Melissa Rice at

Library Boxes.jpg

Little Free Libraries

Public Art for Readers

Four Little Free Libraries will soon be installed in the Frankfort area. This project is a partnership with Friends of the Frankfort Library, Frankfort Park District, and Frankfort Square Park District. Four newspaper boxes were donated by Chicago Tribune, and Home Depot donated the use of a truck for transportation. FAA artists painted the boxes as community works of art.

Grand Prairie Map_edited.jpg

Grand Prairie Elementary School

A Map Renewed

In April 2018, FAA members repainted the U.S. map in the courtyard at Grand Prairie Elementary School.