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Anything is Possible

A Summer Gift Shop featuring FAA Members

July 19 - September 13, 2020


  • Current paid FAA member artists may submit items for consignment sale at the gallery.  

  • Items should be smaller gift-type items that can hang on the gallery wall, sit on a table, or be displayed in our spinning card rack. Each member artist may submit:


  1. 2 original hanging pieces, no larger than 36” x 24”. 
    Work must be properly wired and ready to hang; no sawtooth hangers please. Wrapped edges must be finished. Piece must be available for sale. Complete a Loan Agreement form for these pieces.

  2. Up to 3 pieces of non-framed (matted, clear-wrapped) work for bin sale. Reproductions must be clearly marked as such. 

  3. Up to 5 sets of note/greeting cards. 

  4. Up to 5 additional items. Examples are jewelry, mugs, vases, bookmarks, magnets, trinkets, small framed works, printed scarves, etc. Manufactured items printed with your original work are permitted.

  • Entries will be accepted on an ongoing basis as space permits. The goal is to have items delivered by July 10th. If space allows, additional items will be accepted after the opening date.  Artists will have the right of first refusal to replenish sold stock. Should artists choose not to,  artists on the waitlist would get access to available space.   

  • Print, complete, and attach the Artwork Label, found below in the Forms section, to the back of your hanging pieces (#1 above). Every other item (#2-4 above) must be delivered with tags or stickers with 3 initials, inventory number, and price already in place.  



               Hand-Thrown Mug 


  • Every item (#1-4 above) must be listed on a Consignment Agreement. 


By Friday, July 10, 2020 but beginning immediately:  

In order to participate in Anything is Possible, artists must complete the online form found by clicking the button below.

After completing the form, schedule an appointment  to drop off your consignment items by emailing Katie at


• There is no fee to participate. The gallery collects 30% of the sale price of each work sold during the run of the show. Keep this in mind when setting your prices.  

If you have any questions, please contact Katie at


Click to Download and Print

Loan Agreement

Complete this form for your hanging piece

Consignment Agreement

List everything you are bringing to the gallery for sale. Use more than one if needed.

Artwork Label

Attach to the back of your hanging piece

Call for Entries PDF

A printable version

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