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Artists: Portfolio

Kate Batkiewicz


I love nature, and I try to capture its essence and beauty through my paintings. I especially love seascapes.

Kate Batkiewicz.jpg

James Eli Bowden

Acrylic on PVC

My paintings represent themselves, rather than being representational. Forms are subconsciously assimilated from the world of things and sometimes an earlier painting. These sources are intuitively assimilated with concern to develop a visual space with tension between the shapes and the colors.

James Bowden.jpg

Christina Cooley

Acrylic, Mixed Media, Alcohol Ink, Crochet

For me, painting is an exploratory and intuitive process. I work in many layers of paint, adding, playing, and adjusting until the piece is complete. The result is a colorful, evocative abstraction.


Julie Fletcher


I paint solely with acrylic paints. I’m inspired by nature, places I’ve been, and photographs. My painting style is developing. Some abstract and some quasi-realistic paintings.

Julie Fletcher cropped.jpg

Greg Loudon


Greg Loudon.jpg

Gloria Payne ( GloriaPArtist )


My inspiration for painting comes from the beauty of this earth. Acrylic paints help me to explore different ways of being creative. It's thrilling to see a thought form in my mind and be born on canvas, or take a life of its own.

Gloria Payne.jpg

Joan Quirke


I paint in acrylics in a realistic manner. My paintings depict a variety of subjects, including people, animals, and classic cars. Lately, I have been focusing on portraits.

Joan Quirke.jpg

Windell Rebultan


I work mostly in acrylic medium because of the flow of nature. It has inspired me in all aspects of my artwork in creating vivid atmospheres.

Windell Rebultan.jpg

Muriel Reymond


I have always loved to paint with acrylic, though my main means of expression is music. I discovered Acrylic pouring a few years ago and fell in love with it. I love that I don't necessarily know the outcome of a painting, an idea of is a lot like improvisation in music. People get to see what they want, I love abstract. Now, it is also a way of meditating in silence but with colors.

Muriel Reymond.jpg


Artists: Portfolio

Judi D'Andrea

Ceramics and Fused Glass

The art of manipulating clay with my hands has been fascinating and has kept me interested and inspired for well over forty years. I began adding glass to clay and was introduced to the art of glass fusing, which is layering colored glass and firing it in a kiln. I also love to teach anyone who wants to learn these techniques in my home studio.

Judi D'Andrea.jpeg

Nic Eckmayer


I create functional and sculptural ceramic artworks. I work primarily on the potters wheel. I'm inspired by music to make unique pieces that emphasize organic form, striking color, and tactile texture.

Nic Eckmayer.jpg

Richard Perna


Functional wheel thrown and hand-built stoneware pottery and non-functional raku-fired vessels.

Richard Perna.jpg


Artists: Portfolio

A Vanessa White Mottley

Oils, Acrylics, Charcoal, Pastels

I create art as an expression of emotions. I draw intuitively, usually being inspired by scenes from everyday life. I enjoy incorporating a bit of whimsy in my work. Once I lay my foundation, I’m open to where the muse leads.

A V White Mottley.jpg

Colored Pencil

Artists: Portfolio

Sandi Dornhecker

Colored Pencil, Pastels and Mixed Media

Professional, award-winning artist specializing in animals, wildlife, and fractal art. I draw my inspiration from animals and nature.

Sandi Dornhecker.jpg


Artists: Portfolio

Judi Boehner

Colored Pencil and Fiber Art

Needle felting is my passion. I also love to draw, paint, plant and sew. All things creative call to me and I answer with a happy heart.

Judi Boehner.jpg

Kathleen Wierzbicki

Knitting and Knitting Instructor

Knitting is an art form that was taught to me when I was nine years old by my Austrian great grandmother.



Artists: Portfolio

Mary Flynn

Ink and Acrylic

I love working in many different mediums, but I prefer ink and/or acrylic. My work is inspired by nature. I also love doing fantasy art, especially faeries.

Mary Flynn_edited.jpg

Diane D Masloroff

Alcohol Ink, Acrylics, Watercolor, Pen & Ink

Originally I have been a decorative artist for almost 30 years. In the last 3 years, I have been learning abstract with alcohol inks, acrylics, and watercolor. I am also certified to teach Zentangle, however, I have not taught in the past 4 years to pursue new art mediums.