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James Eli Bowden

Acrylic on PVC

My paintings represent themselves, rather than being representational. Forms are subconsciously assimilated from the world of things and sometimes an earlier painting. These sources are intuitively assimilated with concern to develop a visual space with tension between the shapes and the colors.

James Bowden.jpg

Christina Cooley

Acrylic, Mixed Media, Alcohol Ink, Crochet

For me, painting is an exploratory and intuitive process. I work in many layers of paint, adding, playing, and adjusting until the piece is complete. The result is a colorful, evocative abstraction.


Greg Loudon


Greg Loudon.jpg

Joan Quirke


I paint in acrylics in a realistic manner. My paintings depict a variety of subjects, including people, animals, and classic cars. Lately, I have been focusing on portraits.

Joan Quirke.jpg

Alcohol Ink


Diane D Masloroff

Alcohol Ink, Acrylics, Watercolor, Pen & Ink

Originally I have been a decorative artist for almost 30 years. In the last 3 years, I have been learning abstract with alcohol inks, acrylics, and watercolor. I am also certified to teach Zentangle, however, I have not taught in the past 4 years to pursue new art mediums.




Nic Eckmayer


I create functional and sculptural ceramic artworks. I work primarily on the potters wheel. I'm inspired by music to make unique pieces that emphasize organic form, striking color, and tactile texture.

Nic Eckmayer.jpg

Richard Perna


Functional wheel thrown and hand-built stoneware pottery and non-functional raku-fired vessels.

Richard Perna.jpg



A Vanessa White Mottley

Oils, Acrylics, Charcoal, Pastels

I create art as an expression of emotions. I draw intuitively, usually being inspired by scenes from everyday life. I enjoy incorporating a bit of whimsy in my work. Once I lay my foundation, I’m open to where the muse leads.

A V White Mottley.jpg

Colored Pencil


Sandi Dornhecker

Colored Pencil, Pastels and Mixed Media

Professional, award-winning artist specializing in animals, wildlife, and fractal art. I draw my inspiration from animals and nature.

Sandi Dornhecker.jpg



Judi Boehner

Colored Pencil and Fiber Art

Needle felting is my passion. I also love to draw, paint, plant and sew. All things creative call to me and I answer with a happy heart.

Judi Boehner.jpg

Kathleen Wierzbicki

Knitting and Knitting Instructor

Knitting is an art form that was taught to me when I was nine years old by my Austrian great grandmother.




Tim Jacobs Glass Etc

Leaded and Stained Glass Windows

I design, build, and install mid to large leaded and stained glass windows to fit in front of your existing windows. We do clear, beveled windows, stained glass windows, or a mixture of both.
We do Tiffany style, Frank Lloyd Wright style, or prairie style, sunset themes Hawaii’s designs, cardinal designs, and Victorian designs. We also do hanging panels.

Tim Jacobs.jpg

Mixed Media


Pamela Biesen

Mixed Media, Altered Photography, Jewelry

Playful 3D mixed media figures & images. Heavily influenced by vintage color palette. Use ReUse ReCycle.

Pam Biesen.jpg

Susan Kay Henke

Watercolor, Pencil and Ink, Acrylic, Decoupage

I use multimedia to express efforts to capture beauty and images of my environment. My style is often watercolor and then reconstructing the artwork adding ink detail.

Susan Henke.jpg

Jaime Maisuria

Paper, Recycled Items

I find inspiration in the ordinary with a desire to make it into something different. I look at something and see what I can do with it in a creative way. I teach myself and others how to get creative with what they have. My passion is paper and using recycled items such as plastic, magazines, books, and cardboard.

Jaime Maisuria.jpg

Janice F Meister

Mixed Media, Printmaking

All of my artwork is inspired by a love of nature and organic forms which has long been the center of my art work. I focus beyond a visual description and allow myself to explore elements related to defining the subject. A passion for drawing, collage, printmaking and mixed media construction lies in the endless variety of techniques available to manipulate materials and express ideas. Varied subjects may be handled with traditional techniques and alternative approaches.

Janice Meister.jpg



Corrie Huisman Tameling


I love painting landscapes. It is important to me to bring out the light. I feel that light and dark represents life. In dark moments we can remember that light will come. The beauty and wonder of creation represent God's love and gifts to us.


Sandy Nielsen

Oils and Acrylics

Self-taught, enjoy landscapes and seascapes the most. Painting is extremely relaxing for me.

Sandy Nielsen.jpg

Rachel Stukenberg

Oil Paint, Mixed Media, Photography

Creativity has always been a part of my life. I enjoy capturing snapshots of life, whether it be moments in time or just feelings. I have always lived with an incessant need to capture these moments by creating something.


John Tylk

Oil, Pastel, Charcoal, Pencil,
Pen and Ink

John Tylk.jpg

Catherine Trezek


Painting allows me to observe nature with a more holistic experience, observing and discovering various details of my subjects, and then translating them into colors and textures to create something beautiful and soulful.

Catherine Trezek.jpg



Susan Flanagan

Soft Pastel, Acrylic, and Oil

I work in pastel, acrylic, or oil. I am mostly a representational painter with a particular love of the landscape. Occasionally, I love to express myself in abstract or nonrepresentational work using oil and cold wax or mixed media.

Susan Flanagan 2.jpg

Susan Johnson


The vivid colors of pastels allow me to play with light and color to create images from my imagination or places I have traveled to.

Susan Johnson.jpg

Mary Ann Trzyna

Pastel, Oil Painting

I create landscape and still life paintings in soft pastel and oils.

Mary Ann Trzyna.jpg



Rick Decorie


I see beauty, an untold story, in what I photograph.

Rick Decorie.jpg

Maggie Gonzalez


I shoot portraits and events. My inspiration comes from music, fashion, and the world around me.

Maggie Gonzalez.jpg

Jean Lachat


Jean creates stunning custom artwork with her photography that happens to be of your family, children or high school senior. Her extensive background as a photographer includes 25 years as a photojournalist in Chicago, including 12 years at the Chicago Sun-Times, where she photographed Michael Jordan, Mayor Daley, and Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama. She works with her clients to create storytelling portraiture that captures the spirit of who they are.

Jean Lachat.jpg

Amanda Lorance


As a fine art photographer, I prefer to have a diverse portfolio so that my images may appeal to a vast array of individuals. Photography is not simply a photo but a multi-faceted image of context. I focus on the use of colors, textures, and contrasting components to present the context of a photograph that will likely resonate with each viewer differently.

Amanda Lorance.jpg

Don Sala


I'm an impressionistic photographer, using color, texture, and medium to dark shadows to convey my inner emotion and depth of my artwork.

©DonSalaImages- Dried-Sage-How quickly-t

John Voris

Photography, Mixed Media, Graphite Drawing, Colored Pencil

Edgar Degas said, "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." We all see things in our own unique way and creating art is a beautiful way to give people the opportunity to see something new and inspiring.

John Voris.jpg

Reg Ziemann

Digital Photography and Mixed Media

At the present time, I integrate visual imagery into digital media. Developing an idea from research, through the exploration of media, through problem-solving and decision making to presentation.

Reg Ziemann Hot Cactus.jpg



Marjorie Boyd

Watercolor, Inks, Gouache, Acrylics

My work includes calligraphy, watercolor, and collage. I'm inspired by nature in my watercolors and like soft pastels. My calligraphy includes addressing envelopes for Bridal events and more.

Marjorie Boyd.jpg

Maria Grace Forbes

Watercolor, Mixed Media, Printmaking

Forbes received a Bachelor’s of Science in painting from Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, IL. Much of her previous work has been related to honoring veterans and active-duty military. Forbes in a variety of media and is currently further exploring watercolor.


Margi Hafer

Watercolor and Mixed Media Collage

I have taught and enjoy working in many Media. I have a MA Degree in Mixed Media Sculpture. However, currently, I am creating more 2D Mixed Media Collage and Watercolor paintings. I am a member of the Midwest Collage Society and a Signature Member of the National Collage Society. I am also a member of the Illinois Watercolor Society, The Transparent Watercolor Society, Tall Grass Art Association and the Frankfort Arts Association.

Margi Hafer.jpeg

Mark C. Jackson

Watercolors, Oils and Acrylics

I work in watercolors, oils and acrylics. My inspirations are landscape, the human form, and I dabble with abstract.

Mark Jackson.jpg

Margaret L McKerral (Peggy)

Watercolor and Acrylic

Whether my painting is a watercolor or an acrylic, realistic or abstract it will always be bright colors and hopefully "take you somewhere," as it does me.

Margaret McKerral.jpg

Kristin Murphy

Watercolor and Acrylic

Kristin received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She enjoys working in several different mediums. Currently, she is experimenting with abstract acrylic painting and floral watercolors.

Kristin Murphy.jpg

Barb Stevens


I enjoy painting flowers. I also include sites in and around Frankfort in my art.

Barb Stevens.jpg

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